September 2014

SKCC Road Championship

Hannah Vine – 2nd-  Women Open

July 2014

PACC FOCUS Crossfire Cup Round 3

Jenny Mac – 1st –  Read her write up here!


June 2014

Geelong Cycling Club ITT

Nick B- 1st Senior Men


May 2014

Cycling Victoria Open Time Trial – GCC

Nick B- 2nd Elite Men

Costa C – 9th C-Grade


 April 2014

SKCC Club Championships – 13th April 2014

Women’s Club Championship

Jenny M – 1st (4th in a row!)

Men  Mas 4/5

Tim M – 1st

Mal – 3rd


 March 2014

SKCC Crit  – 2nd February 2014- Total Rush Race 4

Stu Hill- 3rd  A-Grade


December 2013

Logie-Smith Lanyon Super Crit

Jenny – 4th Elite Women

September 2013

SKCC Road Championships

Jenny: 1st, Elite Women

Adam: 1st, Junior

Nick: 2nd, Elite Men

Tim: 3rd, Masters 4/5

August 2013

2013 Australian National Cyclo Cross Championships

Jenny: 1st Masters Women

Malachi: 2nd Masters 50+

National CX Series Round 5

Jenny: 5th Elite Women

Malachi: 50th Elite Men

2013 Victorian Masters Time Trial Championships

Nick: 1st, Masters 1 and fastest time overall

Tim: 5th, Masters 5

2013 Victorian Masters Time Trial Series

Nick: 2nd

Northern Combine SKCC Kermesse

Clare: 1st, A Grade

Jenny: 2nd, A Grade

Dan: 2nd, A Grade

Costa: 4th, C Grade

July 2013

2013 Victorian TTT Clubs Championship

Nick: 2nd, Elite Men

Phillip Island Time Trial

Nick: 4th, A Grade

June 2013

SKCC Trophy Race

Clare: 1st, A Grade

Jenny: 3rd, A Grade

May 2013

Cycling Victoria Open Parapapap Time Trial

Nick: 3rd, A Grade

April 2013

2013 SKCC Criterium Club Championships

Jenny: Women’s Club Champion

Adam: Junior Club Champion

Malachi: Masters 4/5 Club Champion

Stu: 2nd, Men’s Club Championship

March 2013

2013 UCI Oceania Time Trial Championships

Nick: 5th Elite Men

Donna Buang Time Trial

Nick: 2nd, A Grade

Tour of the South West: Stage 2 Time Trial

Nick: 1st, A Grade

January 2013

2013 Australian National Time Trial Championships 

Nick: 7th, Elite Men

2013 Victorian Time Trial Championships

Nick: 2nd, Elite Men

2013 Australian National Open Road Championships

Nick: 46th, Elite Men


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