#GSD – The Stu Hill Way

giant im6


…low key, no fuss, just #GSD

Here at #STR, we don’t mind a bit of credit where it’s due… and there ain’t many more who deserve aforementioned credit than Mr. Stuart Hill. An enduring figure of #StayTrueRacing and the local cycling fraternity for many years.

On Sunday, Stu completed his 3rd Ironman in under 9 hrs 20 – not a bad feat for a 72 year old disguised as a 43 year old. NOTE:  his birthday was yesterday… if you forgot, just remember he’s an Airwing Paramedic with a good memory #justsayin.

Like, we thought he miiiight go sub 7:40hrs but alas, Stu’s time impressed all of us, not just enough to throw beer on him [see below] but it got him on a plane and on the way to Kona in October. As usual, he kept all his training pretty low key, no fuss, just #GSD [Got Sh*t Done]… The Stu Hill way. j8ogj

#TBOM=BFF [Throwing Beers On Mates = Best Friends Forever]

giant im4 A BIG THANKS to Giant Bikes, mostly for supplying the beer that covered Stu, but also for the absolute WEAPON Stu rode to a blistering bike split of 4hr 35min. <Wide-eyed emoji> The Giant Trinity SL range were out in force at #IMMelbourne. Now, we’re not being bias, but you should probably just go and get a Giant Trinity… see how the Giant Trinity feels [which will be awesome] and then ride your new Giant Trinity all the time. Even just to the brew shop #worthIt

…And again because LOL

j8ogj   giant im5

As usual the #GiantIMParty was a resounding success, thanks crew. The noise levels and atmosphere are electric every year. Each and everyone who completed the #IM gets a big #STR tick from us…  massive kudos. Also, a big thanks to the team at Jaggad for helping Stu along the way!

Swim: 01:04:46 Bike: 04:35:53 Run: 03:32:22



giant im1 Next up for STR… Getting Stu’s credit card for first class returns to the Big Island!


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