Whut up 2015!

Yeh it’s March but that’s cool, because 2015 has just started for STR as we got sweet new wheelz from our lovely friends at Giant Bicycles last week.

UPDATE: OMG 1,000 Twitter followers! xx

Covered in only the best matte blue paint, rolling some deep dish 404 ZIPP Firecrest Tubs with MINT gumwalls for added street cred, mixed with some Di2 just for s’s & g’s [G Rated site] we are looking good. Plus we have some sweet new helmets on their way… By April, if you don’t think we’re not back to the best looking team in Melbourne cycling then… you’re just lying to yourself.

KKKUDOS to Hampton Giant for building our bikes. No fuss. Just built. Muchas Gracias.


Where we been at?

Nick had a crack at the #HourRecord… yep.. he got over 48km which is great, however the best was that he featured two Taylor Swift songs into his 60min playlist… Disclosure: STR love TayTay.

Mal is designing more awesome kit at Jaggad that will drop for winter, Stu is flying around the sky AND training for Melbourne Ironman in 2 weeks. He has GOLD decals on his wheels, so if he doesn’t avg 350w for the bike leg…. Clare is back to winning… thank god someone is – she’s got the best BTM [best team mate] in the business with Hannah (de)Vine making sure we’re representin’.

Costa has been on the TT, in an attempt to add to his Greek CX Championship – Nick and Stu have been giving him tips – he will look like Fabian Martin in no time! <insert fist emoji> Ads is still in GOLD form. His contract is under threat if he keeps putting the rest of the team to the sword! Jokes…. but srsly. Dr Mitch is in USA right now. He says he’s working in the USA for Turbine but word has it the mad doctor is just living the life with his Hollywood friends. Dan… he’s missing. But he’s still gramming all the time so he’s alive.

Finally, we OFFICIALLY welcomed Chris Lee to #StayTrueRacing. For those of you that don’t know Chris, he’s a subtle, softly spoken guy who just fits in with minimal fuss and opinion**



Thanks again to Giant and Jaggad for our cool schtuff for 2015…  3>

** Opposite Day.


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