StayTrue at Noosa Tri

Last week I headed up to the Gold Coast for some warmer weather, personally unridden roads, beaches and the ever fantastic ‘cheap form’ for the Noosa Triathlon on the Sunday just passed.

Some stuff we noticed:

  • Piccolo Espresso is a top cafe in Miami, Gold Coast. It also happens to be owned by a cyclist you might have heard of
  • There are bunches that leave most mornings (except Mondays) from Nobbys Surf Lifesaving Club at 5:45 am and 6am.
  • Springbrook is a fantastic climb. There are plenty more in the hinterland region –  and if you can hook up a ride with some guys and girls it’s well worth it
  • Danny Clark has the best pedalling efficiency and technique I’ve ever seen.
  • Sun rises before 5. It’s also hot before 5.
  • There are bull sharks in the canals of Noosa.
  • The Sunday night after Noosa Triathlon is rather large.
  • Get your bike serviced BEFORE you go to Noosa – I couldn’t believe the amount of people stressing and even saw one guy who didn’t have his tubs glued. WTF.


If you haven’t taken your bike up to the Gold Coast you’re missing out on some beautiful roads. A lot is spoken about QLD drivers vs cyclists, but i didn’t notice one bit of angst or aggression during my week up there. Note: QLD Government has passed a 1m law at the beginning of 2014.

Some beautiful roads (and views at the top of them) are everywhere, and only 25 -30km from Nobbys Beach in downtown GC.


Lyre Bird Road off Springbrooktumblr_ne83bxJgiB1s2l4gqo1_1280

Up and over Springbrook


Single lane road up Springbrook. Some great old school wooden bridges on the way up


The Noosa Triathlon is arguably an Australian icon, with names like Stewart, Snowsill , Atkinson, Steffan and Carney on the winners list. Not to mention the huge number of age groupers who hit it out in the individual and teams tri. Now, I was under no illusions as to the fact my name was not gracing the top step, unlike our good Jaggad counterpart Pete Kerr (Winner 2012) and 2014 Winner, Giant Athlete Aaron Royle , I can’t swim, can’t run and many would argue can’t ride –  I entered with some mates from school and set out to ride my Giant Propel as fast as I could –  including up the hill! It’s probably my second TT ever, and wasnt that bad! I actually thoroughly enjoyed it!! (Nick B will be so happy) 🙂

As expected, it was a brilliant day out, the competitors and the spectators were incredible –  I couldn’t believe the crowd.

Thanks again to Jaggad for the kit up north, Giant Bikes for the Propel –  was a beautyyy! I might even jump in some TT next year!

tumblr_nedu8lQguw1s2l4gqo1_1280Swim Start
Note: Various sources have said the swim will move from the canals to the ocean in 2015.  
tumblr_negbqyMLce1s2l4gqo1_1280Finding a stick in the forest strong enough to hold up the bike, and fast enough for my patience and the setting sun was a challenge Bike looks mint though!

See you next year Noosa.



2 thoughts on “StayTrue at Noosa Tri

    1. I won’t be Tim! haha… after I got off the bike I thought there was nothing I felt less like doing than running! You have to go riding in QLD. Sun up at 5, 25 degrees – can get a great 3+hr ride in an awesome location all sorted by 9am! DW.

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