Ergo Part Two: A ‘smarter’ 8 days

I’m conflicted about these posts.  I totally get that no one gives two shits about my training….except people keep asking me about my training.  So rather than provide specific advice to people that will probably be wrong, look at what I do. If you like it, feel free to copy it. Just remember that I don’t claim to have a clue and caveat emptor etc etc  🙂

First, a bit of tongue-in-cheek interpretation of Cicero’s famous words….

(The last time I experienced glory was winning E-Grade about 4 years ago….)

I used iMobile Intervals + the KICKR for all of the following sessions.  I’m a beta tester for iMobile so I get access to erg control, which is great.  Once I set up all of my workouts, it’s a great app.

Sunday: 4hrs Beach Rd with the team then ergo: HOP (hour of power).  This is 300w for 2:40, then 420w for 20 secs, repeated 20 times to make an hour.  A great session for tweaking threshold.

Click on the image to zoom in.


Monday: Reco, 30mins easy with multiple coffees.

Tuesday: Ergo: 6x10mins @ 350w with 5mins rest. I try not to be a fanboy but watching Gerro’s win provided extra motivation for this session.

6x10mins at 350w - 02 Jul 13


Wednesday: 5.5hrs, North Rd Long + 1x SE rep of Arthur’s Seat.

Thursday: Super tired – brought my normal Friday rest day forward.

Friday: Ergo: 8x4mins @ 400w. I’m the best I’ve ever been at this protocol.  That means it’s time to change soon – any suggestions?

Saturday: Beach Road, 3hrs.

Sunday: Beach Road, 2hrs with the team, then a single 20min effort on the ergo. I’ll admit I badly wanted to quit from 6mins to 13 mins, but I’m happy with how my 20min power is progressing. If I were 62kg I’d probably climb pretty well!
20min - 07 July 13


So there it is – another week done. Phillip Island TT is next Saturday – can’t wait to try out my latest toy. Thanks to Shane for the aero-nerd advice that assisted my selection.  It appears that Shane, DK and I will all be on HED front wheels now – market domination!



3 thoughts on “Ergo Part Two: A ‘smarter’ 8 days

  1. Friday: Ergo: 8x4mins @ 400w. I’m the best I’ve ever been at this protocol. That means it’s time to change soon – any suggestions?

    Try some over unders for 4min. 8 x 4min (1min@90% 1min@110% 1min@90% 1min@110%).

    Good fun.

  2. I second the over/unders. I like my over/unders a bit longer and always start on an “over”. 4 x 9min (3 min over/ 3 min under/ 3 min over) or 3 x 12 min (over/under/over/under). The last “under” always seems to last for ever.

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