Ergo: the poison is in the dose

I generally don’t do this, but I’m going to share some power data from an 8 day block of training. Because it illustrates stupidity rather than form, I hope our beloved Stay True readers will forgive me.

I’ve learned that boredom is dangerous for my health.  I don’t light fires or anything, but I do tend to overdo my training. This state led me to the reason for writing this: I wanted to bracket the upper limit of the ergo dose-response curve and see what effect it had on the performance of a punter like me.  Translated: I was in the mood for some dumb training.

In summary….I did around 9.5hrs of ergo + 13.5hrs on the road in 8 days.  Not outrageous volume, but every second of it was quality and I also billed 41 hours at work.

I definitely (a) found that upper limit, (b) it wasn’t performance enhancing and (c) I don’t recommend copying me.


I won’t bore you with a day-by-day account so here is the total list of sessions in 8 days, which included 1 rest day:

  • Ergo 1: 8x4mins @ 390w average with 2 mins recovery (at 69kg)
  • Ergo 2: 60mins SE @ 270w, 60rpm
  • Ergo 3: 60mins SE @ 270w, 60rpm
  • Ergo 4: 8x4mins @ 390w average
  • Road 1: Hell Ride + Arthur’s Seat, 4.5 hours
  • Road 2: Dandenongs, 4.5 hours
  • Ergo 5: 2x20mins @ 350w, then 30 mins @ 200w easy
  • Ergo 6: 4x30mins @ 353w, 295w, 314w, 314w (this was especially dumb and probably detrimental to my health!).
  • Road 3: Frankston, 2.25 hours
  • Road 4: Patterson River, 2 hours
  • Ergo 7: 8x4mins @ 405w average

Here’s two of the sessions: the 4x30mins and one of the 8x4mins.

19 Jun 13 - 4x30 ergo

8x4 21 Jun 13

That last 8×4 session was on a Friday. I followed it with an easy 1.5hrs on Beach Road the next day and then did the Castlemaine 25km TT on the Sunday….where I experienced total nuclear meltdown. Now I’m sick with the flu. Is anyone surprised at this? 🙂

Lesson for everyone:  Quality necessitates a reduction in quantity. You can’t have both. Don’t do the above.

Lesson for me: I still loved it and would do it again.



One thought on “Ergo: the poison is in the dose

  1. That’s madness – you need to be congratulated for such intensity and volume, particularly as much of it was on the trainier. Then you need to be locked up…

    Good luck getting over the flu.

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