A bit of morning entertainment courtesy of OGE


Meetings, for all their faults, provide a great opportunity to play bullshit bingo.  This pastime has saved my sanity on a number of occasions.  Examples include: synergy, touch base, paradigm and take that offline. The latest ORICA GreenEDGE press release on Matt White’s reappointment is a WONDERFUL opportunity to play this game.  See the original release here.  It’s a veritable gold mine for devotees of the sport.

I’m unsure if the release is actually some sort of joke, but I’ve deleted a few words out of the original release to reveal all of the platitudes, useless motherhood statements and empty phrases it contains.  I didn’t have to delete much.  Enjoy!

  1. Best practice
  2. Specific policies and practices
  3. The policy and practices of the team
  4. World’s best practice
  5. Constantly improve
  6. Best possible evaluations
  7. ORICA-GreenEDGE is working on the right foundations
  8. Number one priority
  9. Consistent with the framework
  10. Evaluation structure
  11. Continually use it as the best possible basis for our decision-making when approaching key elements
  12. Changed for the better
  13. There is still work to be done
  14. Other stakeholders
  15. Implementation of the recommendations
  16. Big step forward
  17. No simple solutions to complex issues
  18. With a common goal to move forward
  19. Continue the good work already being done
  20. Live up to the expectations

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