Weekend wrap up

Hawthorn Trophy Race – Clare

She tried to keep it quiet but our very own Clare Morgan was victorious in Saturday’s Hawthorn Trophy Race.  Not only did Clare win overall, she also won the QOM jersey on the toughest circuit of the Northern Combine Calendar. Well done Clare!

Cycling Victoria Geelong Time Trial – Nick

The pressure was immense. I didn’t like it at all.
Since my start time was’t until 2.48pm, I had plenty of time to warm up down Beach Road and drink coffee with everyone at the end of the Hell Ride. Over $9.50 bottles of San Pelligrino (that has got to be a 500% margin?!) there was plenty of talking up some sort of ‘grudge match’ between me, Shane Miller, Nick Squillari and Dave Kelly.I hate to disappoint but there are no grudges, no ill will, nothing. It may shock some people in the twittersphere, but we all actually get along EVEN THOUGH SOME OF US RIDE GIANT AND OTHERS SPECIALIZED.
It’s crazy I know – but that core group of TTers are of the same ilk in many ways, and it seems we share a fairly introspective definition of success.  Remember kids: chop wood, carry water.
As for my race: I did 5.53 w/kg for 33 minutes, which was 4% below the elusive 400w average I was aiming for. That gave me 3rd behind Dave @ 4s and Shane @ 35s. Oh well, back on the spinach and ergo diet.
(Forgive me for this photo, stolen from the great Jo Upton.)
Happily, the difference between my AP and NP was only 3W  (a VI of 1.01) which means I maintained a pretty consistent power output. However….my first minute was again a problem: >500W average. Seriously, that is just embarrassingly dumb and I do it almost every race.
I hope I’m not giving anything away, but Shane mentioned that he didn’t adopt the standard isopower approach and dosed his effort according to the terrain and wind. That’s pretty interesting and I will definitely give it some thought…
Well done Shane and Dave on filling the top two steps of the podium.
Thanks, as always, to Giant for the ridiculously good Trinity Advanced SL1, KASK for the Bambino and to the volunteers who put on these races.
Finally, check out the prototype SRM TT mount I’ve been working on with  Jamie from Fetha. Nothing as clean as this exists in the market and you’ll often see Power Controls electrical-taped to aerobars, even at the pro level. Jamie is an incredible craftsman and these will eventually be available for sale.


JMAC came a close 2nd in a sprint finish at the SYCA Cross race. Well done Macca!


Thanks to Kathryn Feldmaier for the pic, which Stay True shamelessly stole off facebook.

Team Ride

Sunday marked the first outing for our latest signing – The Wilko Show – on his new bike and kit.  As you can see he is a beautiful man, which befits our beautiful kit.


Note Costa’s arm: a sly attempt to commit the robbery from Lee.  Poor Alison is a mere pawn in this epic male power struggle for her heart.

Speaking of new bikes, the team have all received the 2013 TCR Advanced SL 0 !


The team ride was preceded by a couple of tough hours of Stay True/Velbourne motorpacing – look at those PINS OF STEEL on everyone’s favourite ‘harmless predator’, DC.


Finally, here’s a pic of Lee doing what he does best – peacocking along Beach Road.  He’s like a 3-D Jackson Pollock painting travelling at 30km/h.


The next few weeks will see more CX racing, the NC Three Day Tour and more. See you out there!


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