Gerald Ciolek and MSR

Team MTN Qhubeka have released Gerald Ciolek’s race-winning power file from Milan-San Remo 2013. You can see it here.


Here’s a much-shortened summary of the key portions of the race. If you’re into power you’ll understand how stupid these numbers are, especially when an athlete can produce both 400w for 10 minutes and then 19 seconds @ >1000W at the end of a 6 hour race in < 5 degrees.  Lots of people can produce one or t’other – very few have both.

Cipressa Climb:

11:29 @ 396w.

Poggio Climb:

8:05 @ 401w, including 40 seconds @ 536w and a 989w surge.

The final 6.25km (@ 48km/h average speed):

6x accelerations over 800w (including 6 seconds at 1127W) then:

The “Race Winning Sprint”: average power of 1028W for 19s with a max of 1386W.

What a legend.


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