2013 Victorian Time Trial Championships

First, well done to Ben for a great ride and congratulations on the win.  Equal congrats to Nick for his 3rd – he’s obviously been spending some quality time on the ergo and I look forward to more TT battles in the future.

Now, on to today’s self indulgent sermon.

Not one year ago I wrote about a painful lesson I learned from the Donna Buang TT: Don’t start too hard.

It’s the golden rule of time trialing.  It’s so simple.  I would have sworn that I had experienced deep learning on that rule; that it was seared into every synapse; every atom of my being.

“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But, you learn, by God, you learn.”  – C.S. Lewis

I’ve been good in the pacing department since then, but even strong memories fade given a suitable interval of time.  Added to this, logic and reason become scarce commodities when you’re on the start ramp.

The inner monologue reads something like this: “Just look at that Power Control staring at me, baiting me to defy its sensible methods.”  Released from the starters grip “I feel amazing! This is effortless…..I’m totally killing, this is…..oh hang on a second.  Oh no.  What have I done. This is a big, big hole.”

The graph below shows the spectacular self-destruction I experienced yesterday.  I have no explanation for it, other than my own stupidity.

It wasn’t fun.  I won’t do it again.  For at least a year.


Explanation: Total AP is represented by the blue line at arbitrary zero on the y axis.

My 0-5 minute average power was 61w above my total average power.  Power steadily decreased from there, reaching a low of 21w below total AP for the 15-20min interval.



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