Nationals Time Trial

Nationals TT 2013: 37km, mostly flat, great new course, much safer than last year.  Plenty of friendly faces (Dave, Shane, Sam, Joel, Nick, Steve etc) all marching to the gallows (aka the start ramp) makes for a weirdly pleasant collegiate atmosphere.

Now let’s be real – there were two separate levels of performance in this race: the podium (Luke, Rohan, Michael), then a two minute gap, and then the rest of us.  I was happy regardless as just hitting my power target (and maybe a top 15) was my goal.

In summary, it tickled a little and I was a dribbling cross-eyed mess at the finish.

But 5 minutes later I was right as rain, as is the way with TTs.


A short lived moment: at least I scored a free bottle of water and a chair to sit on.  With member benefits like that, the $330 CA license suddenly seems like a bargain!

Still lots to improve technically: my pacing was a bit off (10w less on the way back than out) and I can’t wait to get the new Giant TT bike.

A few people have asked about how I trained for this event.  I’m no guru, nor am I that good, but here’s a couple of points that I think are important.

  • The key to developing 40km TT power lies in the results of this study, pointed out to me a couple of years ago by Dr Mitch.  Get on the ergo and do 8×4 mins for the best bang for your buck training around.
  • I try to train with one other person or solo as much as possible.
  • I love my Quarq and WKO+….but don’t buy either if you won’t invest the time to learn how to use them. The new SRAM Red Quarq is pretty flawless and a much better buy than SRM (I’ve had both). Highly recommended.

Thanks to our great supporters Giant, my friend Costa (for the loan of the Zipp 808), Hayden (who is the future of the Aus bike industry), Nath Jo and Pete (who drove with my Dad in the follow car and yelled encouragement the whole way), Dan at Shifter Bikes, Malachi at Northside Wheelers, and all my friends for their support.


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