Cycling occasionaly provides some fantastic comedy…

Cycling: Mitchelton Wines Bay Cycling Classic

Scene: post-stage 2, Bay Crits 2013. Tiff Cromwell has just won, helped by her team mates despite entering the event as an individual.

Quote below from GreenEdge press release:

“The rest of the girls organized behind Cromwell,” explained Sport Director David McPartland. “Because they were well organized, Tiff was able to grow her gap to 30 seconds really quickly. By the mid-point of the race, her gap was holding steady and I was confident that she would win.”

“Gillow took responsibility for the nine rider group, setting a pace that allowed Cromwell to maintain her lead while ensuring that the group behind wouldn’t regain contact. With two laps left to race, Gillow’s job was done.”

Fast forward a day and Cycling news alert us to the following development and hilarious reaction from McPartland:

Race commissaries were forced to issue a warning to the women’s peloton ahead of the final stage of the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic on Thursday, following concerns from a rival team about alleged collusion during Wednesday’s Portarlington race. Orica-AIS sports director David McPartland was genuinely shocked that such a situation had occurred.

McPartland admitted to Cyclingnews that he was not surprised that the suggestions of collusion had therefore occurred but made clear that there was no directive from team management to collude.


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