Weekend round up

A busy weekend for the team

1. Bruny Island Ultra
A pretty special feat by Stu Hill – netting 2nd at the Bruny Island Ultra. That’s 64km by the way. Anyone who says they don’t have time to train because of ‘normal’ life – speak to this guy. Two young kids, works night shift as a MICA paramedic and can run a sub 3 hour mara AND ride the break at SKCC on Sundays. Incredible.

2. Tour of Bright
Will, Pete, Mal, Lee, Alison & Nick all took part, with Jen also coming up for the weekend. There is never a bad weekend in Bright and we had a great time. Roksalt is as good as ever, much ice cream was consumed and Lee is still the king of neenish tarts.

Notable quotes from the weekend:
PE: “My feet have lost weight”
WRS: “Don’t try and you can’t fail”
WRS: “WHERE IS MY HELMET!?!?!” (said as he runs into the room wearing his helmet and running late for his TT start)

Alison was the only one of us to gain automatic entry for next year, with a nice 8th place.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3


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