SKCC Super Crit 23rd December: Visualising the $$$$$

The following is not a criticism. It’s just another way of visualizing the prize money, available here. It assumes 75% entry uptake in all grades, which is admittedly unlikely but a necessary measure for equivalence in calculation.

1. On a per capita basis, women are the most fairly compensated based on their contribution to revenue through entry fees.
2. A,B,C,D grade are all subsidizing the elite race based on entry fees vs prize money allocation.
3. It must be noted that the elite race would attract the majority of outside event sponsorship, making this whole exercise quite academic because without the elite race there wouldn’t be a race.


This graph shows the variance between each grade’s contribution to revenue and their return in prize money. A/B/C/D subsidise the elite race between a maximum of 3.27% (B Grade) and minimum of 1.86% (C Grade).

The following is somewhat misleading because while the Elite men only make up 16.4% of the total field, they contribute 45.5% of entry fees. Regardless, it shows how much larger the potential return for an elite rider is versus an A/B/C/D/Womens rider.



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