Weekend wrap – SKCC Sunday

Jenny wins. Again.

Doesn’t Jen realise there comes a point where we can no longer bask in her reflected glory, and she simply overshadows us? That point is fast approaching and is clearly unacceptable.

We have spoken to Giant and they have agreed to seize her TCR and replace it with this. She will probably still win on it but at least we’re trying.

Warm up. We love our new KASK helmets.

In the mens race:

  • Mucho respect to Stu who worked until 2am Sunday morning, still turned up to race and got 4th…imagine what he will do once he cuts back on ultramarathon training?
  • Pete is HOOKING/ROASTING/FLYING/ETC and got 5th on Sunday, not to mention a nice 2nd place at last Wednesday’s HCC crit. Normally I’d say second is first loser, but it was against Floris so we will forgive him this once.
  • Will and Mal beavered away as team workers in the race – that’s what allows Pete and Stu to perform and get the money/women/fame etc.
  • Reports of a bit of argy bargy after the race adds suspense to a pretty boring event for spectators – one suggestion was to move any further conflict into the home straight so the crowd can enjoy it too.
  • We miss having Tim around – let’s hope his collarbone heals quickly and he’s back on the bike soon.

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