A rather large weekend

1. Melbourne to Warrnambool

  • Peter English came through with a massive result, snatching 12th overall….although those who know his capabilities weren’t surprised – big things to come from this legend.
  • Nadine, first and only female…what can you say. This has been a goal of Nadine’s for a while and she got it done. We are immensely proud to count her amongst our ranks.
  • Nick did a graceful forward flip over a downed rider at the 140k mark but crawled to the finish line, fueled solely by the thought of a Baked in Elwood pizza.
  • Tim was last seen feasting on Cassandra’s delicious vegan ginger cookies at the finish line and growling at anyone who came near his Tupperware.

Other notable performances from some of our friends:

  • Neil Robinson won C Grade
  • Lachie Davidson won D Grade
  • Dave Kelly got caught in a bad crash early on, lost a bunch of skin, chased back on and still finished only 15 odd minutes behind the winner. He looked like a mummy wrapped in gauze at Maccas after the race.
  • Costa Chronis, who is just a general mad dog, rode the final 120k solo (including a large unintentional detour) and finished lanterne rouge while many others (54 to be exact) pulled out.  Respect.

3. Post-M2W eating

The M2W actually consists of two races: the one to Raglan Parade in Warrnambool, the second to Warrnambool Maccas. That’s why everyone really does the race, right?

Burning 6662 calories is carte blanche to eat whatever you desire.

Costa’s post-race meal was pretty special (I worked it out be ~4,546 calories):

4. Melbourne Marathon

Stu Hill ran 2:59 on Sunday, a solid time for a 64 year old with 9 kids. Interestingly, he said it hurt more than the 9:24 ironman he did earlier this year. Also, Dr Mitch is such a good bloke that he ran with Stu and carried all his gels for him. The moral of the story is that A) running sucks B) Slurpee consumption is positively correlated with running performance.

Other notable performances from our friends:

  • Danny Cohen did the half marathon in 79 minutes (after doing the GORC the day before….he’s a bit special)
  • Georgie Roberts crushed her debut marathon in 3:47…NICE


Who’s jealous?


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