Circumnavigating Lake Eildon

Peter English & Mark Guirguis

We had the pleasure yesterday of swapping the balmy 22c in the office for a full loop of Lake Eildon. After Amy’s Gran Fondo on Sunday and 180km on Monday, a loop of the Lake seemed a daunting task come Monday night.

A full lap of Lake Eildon is around 180km with around 50km of dirt roads. Beginning at the house in Mansfield, we trekked off towards Gough’s Bay and onwards to Jameson.

The right hand turn before Jameson is where civilisation ends on this ride, and it is not until Eildon that another town is passed. This section of road, the Eildon-Jameson road is 60km of quite literally, one of the best riding roads either of us had ever come across. It twists and turns for almost it’s entire duration and glimpses of the impressive Lake Eildon are never far from view. The wildlife was also noteworthy, with kangaroos, kookaburras, rosellas, dive-bombing magpies and what guirgs swears was either a runaway elk, moose or big fat deer.

Eildon was our lunch stop. Not completely sure how the shops in Eildon operate because at three o’clock on a Tuesday, everything was closed with the exception of foodworks. We grabbed a loaf of bread, jarlsberg cheese, some cans of tuna and pulled up rank on a park bench for a feast in the sun.

Once lunch was done we were off up Skyline Rd to navigate our way to Bonnie Doon (

). Dirt roads, steep climbs, steep descents, navigational issues and absolutely spectacular views ensued before the very welcome sight of the Bonnie Doon bridge (
). This also is the scene of Tony Mokbel’s hideaway prior to his escape back to the motherland (

We were two happy riders rolling back into the house at 630pm. Not only a challenging parcours, but an incredibly rewarding ride on many fronts. A loop which has to be one of the best in the country, and up there as one of the most enjoyable rides we have done.

We’re doing it again tomorrow, in reverse.


2 thoughts on “Circumnavigating Lake Eildon

  1. Great looking ride guys. Any chance you could share the route that you rode. Would love to have a crack at it myself. Cheers.

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