#cadencecomp – leaderboard

Making a big deal about max power, strava segments or FTP is très unbecoming.

Fighting for the title of ‘Cadence God’ is the opposite because it’s pointless and everyone looks like a fool trying it. So here it is – you have until the 1st of October to top the leaderboard. Just snap a photo of your computer and tweet or instagram it with the hashtag #cadencecomp

Imagine how many revolutions Tim McGrath’s poor knees have completed. This is how he rewards them:

Here’s Andy having a go (with Cadence Royalty, Mr  “249” Henderson in the background).

Mr Kelly on Chapel Street

Amy tears a calf muscle on the 1:20

The only rule is that it must be done on the road – no ergo, wattbike or rollers.


Ryan Moody: 252!!!
Dan W: 237
@1Killerinstinct: 236
Neil R: 229
Nick B: 225
David K: 223
Andy N: 215
Cam B: 211
Gareth T: 210
Amy B: 206 (women’s leader)
Pete E: 189
@Paddles8: 167

I highly doubt anyone will top this!

Dan is getting close though!


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