We’ve grown by too (cyclist spelling for two)

For those who missed it: in the last few weeks we welcomed Nadine and Alison to the STR family. Heaven knows we need their presence to add some refinement and class to our disheveled, uncouth and uncivilized ranks.

As Elizabeth Stanton said in 1868: The male element is a destructive force, stern, selfish, aggrandizing, loving war, violence, conquest, acquisition, breeding in the material and moral world alike discord, disorder, disease, and death. See what a record of blood and cruelty the pages of history reveal! Through what slavery, slaughter, and sacrifice, through what inquisitions and imprisonments, pains and persecutions, black codes and gloomy creeds, the soul of humanity has struggled for the centuries, while mercy has veiled her face and all hearts have been dead alike to love and hope!

It’s a big ask, but hopefully Nadine and Ali can counteract the evils of masculinity running rampant within STR. Giant is a big supporter of women’s cycling; check out Liv/giant. Both Ali and Nadine are riding the big dog TCR Advanced SL 0.

Get to know them by following them on twitter: @a_mccormack @Dogmagirl and say g’day if you see them on the road.


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