A pretty successful (but most importantly, enjoyable) weekend

Saturday – SKCC Trophy Race
Roster: Stu, Pete and Nick

The three blessed men who managed to score an entry to this race headed up to Lancefield in the Staytrue Mothership: the indefatigable Tarago. Here is Stu at the mission command center:

On to the race. Lets be real: the strongest guy there was our mate Nathan Elliot of Charter Mason Drapac. But as all young Jedi’s know, bike racing isn’t all about being strong. So when Stu and Kos of team Kosdown got up the road in the first hour of racing, things were looking up – especially when they had over 3 minutes on us with 30k left to race. With 10k to go one of Nath’s attacks finally stuck and Pete was ON him, akin to the horrible rashes that Nath studies at uni. The two built a good gap, passed Stu and Kos with 2k to go and fought out the battle for 1st with Pete narrowly missing out in the sprint. Stu came home in third, giving us 2/3 of the podium (is that a majority win?) In the women’s race, Nicole of LivGiant continued her tradition of winning everything in sight.

Our prize money was splurged on celebratory 30c cones from Mcdonalds.

Sunday – Chase the Sun 5 hour, Lysterfield
Roster: Malachi, Tim and Nick

Cool things about the race:

  • The hospitality: Our friends from Giant kindly shared their tent with us.
  • Great race organization and the always great coffee from Soul Kitchen.
  • The totally different vibe – the road scene could learn a lot from mountain bikers in being relaxed, egalitarian and just enjoying riding.
  • The bikes: Mal did sub 30min laps on his sweet Giant TCX Advanced SL Cross bike and Nick’s first foray on the dirt was made (mostly) painless by a Giant XtC 29er hardtail.
  • The food: Julie’s rocky road and Cassandra’s carob walnut vegan brownie were the standouts.

We came away with the win in our category and had a great time with no blood or broken bones, which is a win in itself.

Please post a caption in the comments for what Tim is doing/thinking in this photo. We have no idea.


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