Satdee ride

Our Saturday ride looked like this: 7.47am Flinders Street train to Lillydale Station – Rail Trail to Warburton – Climb Mt. Donna Buang – Coffee @ Cog Cafe in Warby – Rail Trail to Montrose – climb to Olinda – down the 1:20 – home. Despite the abysmal forecast we stayed dry and got 72km of gravel and over 2.5km of climbing in. Highly recommended route.

Mr English made a batch of bars that brightened our day….

Top of Donna, 4 degrees, ready to freeze on the way down.

The remnants of an old station on the left…

Tim emptied his bulging pockets at the end of the ride…let’s just say he was prepared for any eventuality. If he had needed to construct an arc, he would have had the tools (including a torque wrench) and a miniature towel to wipe the sweat off his brow after finishing. If he had to feed all the animals on the arc, he could have done so with multiple almond butter and honey sandwiches. If there was a nuclear winter, he would have been both warm and highly visible.


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