Rider Interview #1: The Pharaoh

Our first interviewee is Mark ‘the Egyptian Prince’.

Photo by Aaron Upson

Mark, tell us about your favourite:
Cafe: Tough to go past ‘The Wall 280’. Open early & great coffee.
Drink: Hendricks Gin and Tonic.
Food: Vegemite and toast with a shitload of butter.
Movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Book: Spartan by Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Guilty pleasure: Saturday morning doughnuts from Fatto e Mano. Slice of heaven.
Miscellaneous riding gear: I love my Castelli Deluvio gloves. Perfect for the cold wet weather.
Climb: My all time favourite is The Col du Galibier (from the Telegraph side) in the French Alps. It is unrelenting and when you’re on a bad day it’ll take you to breaking point.
Pro Rider: For some reason I’ve rekindled my love affair for Bradley Wiggins. I like him for the Tour 2012.
Other riders you look up to: Mostly everyone. I’m not that tall.

Most underrated things in cycling or life in general?
23mm wide training rims with 24mm tyres. It feels like you’re training on singles…with the convenience of clinchers.

Most overrated things in cycling or life in general?
Deep dish wheels. Nothing like a set of Ambrosio Nemesis rims, 32h, tied and soldered spokes, laced to record hubs built by the artisan wheel builder Dan, from Shifter Bikes. I feel like I’m about to race ‘Le Reine Du Nord’ every time I put these guys on. Classic.

We’ve heard you enjoy admiring the view of your legs in any nearby mirrored surface. What does your fiancé think of this behaviour? What would your rate your legs out of 10?
Admiring my legs!!? I don’t know what you’re talking about. My legs, on a good day, are a Warrnambool 9 out of 10.

Thanks Mark.


2 thoughts on “Rider Interview #1: The Pharaoh

  1. When you finish mowing your lawn in your fiance’s Sunday best dress, give me call Guirg’s.
    Good spinning with you on Sunday, even though I did it 1 foot clipped in… ;0

    Thanks for the plug on the site 🙂

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