Mt. Donna Buang TT

I’m going to commit a mortal sin and share some power data from today’s Mt. Donna Buang TT. Forgive me – I do it only to illustrate my own mistakes; so our followers can learn vicariously through the suffering of others (which is always the best way to learn anything). First, a photo of the perfect conditions at the start:

I broke one of these rules today:
• The first rule of time trialling: take a shitload of caffeine.
• The second rule of time trialling: A Lightweight disc is the equivalent of a pair of Blahnik or Loubotin shoes for your bike. Get one. Immediately.
• The third rule of time trialling: Don’t start too hard.

The graph below will tell you which rule I violated.

My power decreased by 8.6% from my peak 5mins (389w, 0-5mins) to my worst 5mins (344w, 40-45mins). The reason? I fell for the classic TT inner monologue trap: ‘400w is SO easy! My power meter mustn’t be calibrated correctly. I’ll just ignore it and push on by feel.’

20mins later: ‘Yep, the quarq is right and I am wrong and now I’m going to pay for not believing it.’

Respect to Blackburn for putting on a perfectly run TT and it was good to see SKCC commissaire-extraordinaire Simon Meagher out there. His common sense, GSD approach is always welcomed by competitors. The new bike was flawless, it is a pleasure riding it and Di2 continues to blow my mind. As always, nice to see regular TTers Jono, Spence and Shane having a crack. A highly recommended event for next year.


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