Things we like

Each week we will post a few things that have piqued our interest on the interwebs.

1. Lion tries to eat baby in zebra-striped hoodie.

2. New shoes coming soon…and yes, haters gonna hate.

3. Another reason to visit NY: RUB BBQs Doughnut hamburger

4. This photo

5. The Giro starts tomorrow night and SBS will be showing daily highlights at 6.00pm and eight stages live, starting next Friday night with Stage 6 from 11.10pm Melbourne time. Possibilities for Stage 1’s 8.7km TT? Taylor Phinney, Alex Rasmussen or Geraint Thomas. GO GEE.


2 thoughts on “Things we like

  1. Does Bont shoes are better left on a golf course. I think they have won back to back ugliest cycling shoe of the year award 2011-2012.

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